Monday, June 1, 2015

Home & Birthday.

To the Airport this morning to pick up Tyler Amy. Her crew were glad to be back and had a list of eats to get before we came home. Great trip, but she says she won't do it again without family.

Home to unpack.

 A shirt for Hubba that should fit her when she's 12.

I had two things on my wish list. Nyquil and Stages toothpaste. It's Canadian Nyquil, but it's right up there with Gees Linctis for must-haves in winter. Formula 44 has nothing on Nyquil.

Then we all went to Nan's house for a Birthday FHE and had a mini disco to Nan's Bee Gees DVD. My Mum is 56 today. If it were my birthday, I would have opted for not having everyone over at my house for pizza and a disco.

I really love The Bee Gees.
Personal Bee Gees favorite.

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Melissa said...

Glad she's see home and your partying the night away.

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