Sunday, May 10, 2015

There and back again.

I must be getting old. The drive from here to Auckland is getting to be a little unbearable, especially when I'm driving. It was as painful as the time I went and got first aid certified. My relationship with flying may change because the 4.5 hours from here to Auckland fills me with dread just thinking about it.

The plan was to surprise my sister for Mothers Days, but sometime during the week my Mum asked her the obvious question (What are you doing for mothers day?) and ever the investigator sister is, she figured it out. I knew it would happen if not that way, then my mother would have sent sister a text, meant for someone else, giving away our location. I gritted my teeth over her texting from Tirau to the Coromandel turn off.

We got there with a surprise for us. Her three kids, who were supposed to be with their grandparents for the night, were at home waiting. They stayed up till 11.30pm. I gave up at 10.30pm and left my Mum to re-connect with her grand kids, who happened to be on crack that night.

The normal tradition. When the kids go to bed, we enjoy chocolate since we (me and my mum) can't drink vodka.

Favorite brother in law made dinner for us on Saturday night.

Beb's looking alot like a blonde Uncle Bebs.

Enough jumbo shrimp to make you purge.

My hay fevered Love. Something in the air at Aunty's house didn't sit well with her senses. Slept the whole way home.

Mr. Naughty.

Mothers Day breakfast with the StrongArms.
Thanks Joelsipher! You are the best in the whole wide Manukau County.

Home. Tired. Bedtime.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mother's in my life!

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Melissa said...

Looks like a great weekend.

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