Monday, May 25, 2015

How not to negotiate.

9PM. Supposed to be fast asleep in bed. I hear slow light foot steps coming towards me in the hallway.

What are you watching?
Nothing you'd understand.
But I understand Lord of the Rings.
Tell me what happened on Lord of the Rings?
Well. There was a hobbit and then Dobby followed him because he wanted the magic ring back from the unicorn and then they might fly around on the broom sticks and kill the zombies.
Go to bed.
But I want to sleep in your bed.
You're supposed to be a big girl.
I'm really not. My undies only say size 4 year old. I'm not five till September two.
Why won't you sleep in your own room?
My room is dumb. I hate my red blanket and I love your bed because your blanket is white.
What if I turned Despicable Me on in your room?
What if you put the TV in your room and I can watch 'Spicable Me in your bed?
*cries for an hour until rashes flare up on her arms*
Gave up.

Fell asleep before the Universal rotated around Earth to it's resting position on the opening credits.

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