Friday, May 1, 2015


It was a bloons kinda day.

She's rocking Janelle Monae songs at the moment with a banana microphone and the song blaring on the phone.

Not so secret if you display it like that KFC.
Just by looking tonight, I came up with oregano, paprika, garlic salt, basil, all spice or cinnamon, chili and possibly rosemary or marjoram .. I said mustard for one of them, but I based that on color and not skill. The rest I do not know.

PS. Hate kids. Would have liked to drop kick my nephew in the mattress isle at The Warehouse tonight for being a sass mouth and privately hoped it had the domino effect with the rest of them, but alas ... drop kicking your nephew (or niece) is illegal in Aotearoa.

Ka pai NZ, Ka pai.

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