Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching Up.

Family home evening last night with the brat pack.
Someone always cries (Rome), someone always fights (Coral & Waimea), someone always complains (green jersey) and someone always wants to go home early because their time on Minecraft is getting less and less the more they stay (Jeston - gritting my teeth when I say it).


The memory game. She enjoyed this game even though she flipped over every card to remember where the twin was.

Week 21 - Pen Drawing in a scrapbook mini-album. (No thanks).
Last week of my Te Reo Maori class and I can honestly tell you .. I probably know less about the maori language now than I did before. I tried to watch Te Karare the other night (Maori news) and the guy was speaking so fast I don't know if it he was speaking Maori at all. Tried to find coherency in Homai te Pakipaki, but they spoke Pidgin, which was muy hōhā.

I try to use some phrases with Hubba around the house.
Horoi tō ringaringa (wash your hands) after the bathroom and Kei whea tō tokena? (Where are your socks?) in the morning and her least favorite Haere ki te moe (Go to bed) ... but she continues to believe I'm speaking Chinese and asks me to stoppit because it's not real people talk.
Tōna hiapai hoki!

Winter is coming and so is Tyler.

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Melissa said...

My kids know a couple of words in Maori. I need to do more so he they're in nz they're not completely lost.

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