Monday, May 11, 2015


Goodnight Facetime with Bebs.
Miss that little naughty.

This week is a free week, that means I don't have to be anywhere, no one needs me for anything and I can just stay home and enjoy home schooling, study (missed a week of Te Reo last week and caught up tonight) and day time TV aka. Tree Fu Tom and Doc McStuffins.

I like these kinds of weeks.

Cleaned my room today. It hadn't been done for easily 2 or 3 years. I found things I'd been looking for since 2010, like a harmonica and a USB with a list of swear words in Spanish Larry had compiled for me yonks ago. Moved a bulky chair out (Shaily wants it Mitch come get it) and made space in my room and apart from the green carpet, you could mistake my room for a Hotel room ... Inn suite room ... a 1 star Motel 6 room of a person with an unhealthy perfume habit.

Am I proud of it?
Āe mārika!

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