Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 18 - A Day in the Life.

When documented, moment for moment, your life is not as dull as you think. This weeks Capture Life in 52 weeks challenge was to stop and take a photo every hour, on the hour, of what you are doing exactly at that moment with no set up.

Not as easy as I imagined considering I do have a boring life. It would be magic to see images from a full day of what my Great-Grandmothers life was like. This is, basically, the reason I blog so that when I'm in gone from this life and being a celebrity in Heaven, someone who wishes they had met me will have this blog.

8.10am - Breakfast

9.10am - Kinetic Sand

10.10 am - Making cookies

11.10am - Waiting for cookies & Kinetic sand

12.10 pm - Study

1.10pm - Visiting Teaching deliveries (last day of the month you know)

2.10pm - Visiting Nan

3.10pm - Nap time

4.10pm - Overwhelmed that people are crowding my space

5.10pm - Twerking for Internet time (Jeston)

6.10pm - Dinner time

7.10pm - Fighting

8.10 pm - Still fighting.

9.10pm - Four of these things just don't belong here.

10.10 pm - The Story of Ferdinand and bed.

... and Good night.


Melissa said...

I really liked this.

Me said...

There's certain preschool philosophies where you document a lot so the parents can see all the moments of their child's day. I like this assignment, because it was like sharing a day with you guys :) Also, I'm glad she's still liking that book! :)

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