Thursday, April 30, 2015

I should de-friend ya.

Facebook friends fall into five categories for me.

  1. Family.
  2. Importants aka Friends.
  3. Those who you can't de-friend because you see them too much.
  4. The Uniques - who's lives are just so all over the place you keep them for entertainment purposes.
  5. Those who, if you de-friend, will ask why you de-friended them when you see them in real life.

I went from 400+ friends last week to 200+ friends by sorting into five de-friending categories, possibly six.

  1. Don't talk to you in real life or acknowledge you (or you me) in real life.
  2. You are deceased, you will never post on Facebook again.
  3. Your diet is basically starvation and it's depressing me.
  4. I do not care for your style of parenting and your Pinterest habit and
  5. Oh just piss off.

Six would be those who I don't want to see the blog and for this reason, I don't share the blog on Facebook. I want to, but I'd like to get that list down to where I feel comfortable with those in on the know. My sister told me to 'just unfollow them', but there's something wrong about the fact that even though I can't see theirs, they still see mine.

If it weren't for family and their inability to keep a blog, I wouldn't be there.


Melissa said...

I have 19 friends, all family and 4 Bff's, that's it and it's freakn awesome. Good luck.

Me said...

I'm like a gunslinger when it comes to deleting people from fb. People (maybe in the world, but def in the US) think its perfectly acceptable to blast the general public with their racist views, misogyny, and all kinds of crazy and or hateful views. I got sick of trying to argue with that. None of us are changing our minds. So... DELETED. And good riddance. Some still message me to ask why, and I used to add them back, but after like 3 deletions, I told them I deleted them because they post pointless hateful garbage and I don't want to hear from them anymore.

Good luck cutting those peeps out. My friend Afton and I declared this year, the year free of crappy people. Take the pledge. You can too! ;)

CamillaS said...

Melissa: 19 is a great number! I have too much family for 19. I'd like to delete some of my family :)

Ariel: Love that pledge. Need that pledge.

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