Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Early Easter.

Livian flew back to OzTralia this morning. It would have been a fantastic flight for him because last night he had Chinese food that didn't sit well with him. His crew opened their Easter eggs last night after answering questions about Easter, which they all failed.

What did God say to Mary in the garden on the third day Shailahzay?
He was risen!
What does Easter mean to you Nessa?
I don't know. Can I just have my egg?
Son. What happened at Easter?
Jesus was born.
Why do we celebrate Easter Rome?
Because God died.
What's Easter time Hubba?
So many F-words running through my head during last nights Q&A.

Here's yours Tyler. They'll be in the freezer till June. (They're that yuck no one will eat them).

Tried in vain to look for the Spiderman one I saw yesterday at Countdown for Nganz, then I remembered he rocks a Star Wars Jedi shirt some days. Happy days for Nganz who was having a bad afternoon because he wasn't allowed walk home from school by himself.

This guy wanted to do the dishes tonight and she loved it. She does them better than her sisters.


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