Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 18 - A Day in the Life.

When documented, moment for moment, your life is not as dull as you think. This weeks Capture Life in 52 weeks challenge was to stop and take a photo every hour, on the hour, of what you are doing exactly at that moment with no set up.

Not as easy as I imagined considering I do have a boring life. It would be magic to see images from a full day of what my Great-Grandmothers life was like. This is, basically, the reason I blog so that when I'm in gone from this life and being a celebrity in Heaven, someone who wishes they had met me will have this blog.

8.10am - Breakfast

9.10am - Kinetic Sand

10.10 am - Making cookies

11.10am - Waiting for cookies & Kinetic sand

12.10 pm - Study

1.10pm - Visiting Teaching deliveries (last day of the month you know)

2.10pm - Visiting Nan

3.10pm - Nap time

4.10pm - Overwhelmed that people are crowding my space

5.10pm - Twerking for Internet time (Jeston)

6.10pm - Dinner time

7.10pm - Fighting

8.10 pm - Still fighting.

9.10pm - Four of these things just don't belong here.

10.10 pm - The Story of Ferdinand and bed.

... and Good night.

I should de-friend ya.

Facebook friends fall into five categories for me.

  1. Family.
  2. Importants aka Friends.
  3. Those who you can't de-friend because you see them too much.
  4. The Uniques - who's lives are just so all over the place you keep them for entertainment purposes.
  5. Those who, if you de-friend, will ask why you de-friended them when you see them in real life.

I went from 400+ friends last week to 200+ friends by sorting into five de-friending categories, possibly six.

  1. Don't talk to you in real life or acknowledge you (or you me) in real life.
  2. You are deceased, you will never post on Facebook again.
  3. Your diet is basically starvation and it's depressing me.
  4. I do not care for your style of parenting and your Pinterest habit and
  5. Oh just piss off.

Six would be those who I don't want to see the blog and for this reason, I don't share the blog on Facebook. I want to, but I'd like to get that list down to where I feel comfortable with those in on the know. My sister told me to 'just unfollow them', but there's something wrong about the fact that even though I can't see theirs, they still see mine.

If it weren't for family and their inability to keep a blog, I wouldn't be there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Late Week 17

Topic: UP

That's pretty much all it said followed by pictures of the sky, air planes and birds. If that's not the definition of boring, I don't know what is.

Tyler update

It only took nearly two months, but I finally got a schedule out of the maoris and was able to get some family to the event in Las Vegas to meet her, family from my Samoan side - Dad's first cousin. It took a little bit of planning, but it happened and I'm glad it did!

Denver, CO next.
They'll be performing at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater on May 1 & 2nd (two shows, 2pm & 7.30pm), so if you're in the neighborhood ....

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

No phone service in the Afterlife.

Lost - Can't find.
Being lost in a romantic context (can't find your spouse/partner) signals difficulties in communication. This is a common theme in the wake of separations, divorces and death of a spouse.

Fourth time I've had a dream where I try to ring Larry over the phone and he doesn't answer. The feeling I always get is that I know he's there to answer it, but he can't or doesn't. The most recent one was a little different and I thought of calling his closest friends in California to ask them if they'd seen him. Just as I thought of that I remembered that he wasn't answering because he's dead.

Those dreams suck.

Day 885.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Boarded the crazy train to Auckland again. I tell myself every time I'm sitting in the middle of it that I'm never going to board it again, and I always do. It's because of the dumplings. That kind of crazy is all worth the $5 dumplings. Really.

Bebi, after I told him off and ate his crackers, he wasn't my friend for the rest of the morning.
The crazy train trip home.
Watch the child on the left.

Good weekend.

Friday, April 24, 2015


I'm always undecided when I have the chance to go to Auckland. I have to ask myself, are the dumplings worth it?
Yes donkey, they are.
Stopped in Hamilton.

It was a little bitter sweet to see my Alma Mater, only because some of my good memories were made at CCNZ with the people I met. I expected the disaster zone, but I also see the potential.

Sisters brats.

... and then there are donuts for when the men and children retire to bed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Los Angeles - Santa Barbara - San Francisco - Santa Rosa - Reno.

Looks like she's eating well.
Just over 6 weeks and it's all done.

Monday, April 20, 2015

School Day.

It was a crock pot kind of day. I started an Irish stew this morning.
Note. DO NOT cook a boil up in a crock pot. It is d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. We should all know that when you crock pot food you do it for even cooking so meat doesn't dry out, but boil up needs to be cooked on the stove top for the exact opposite of that. Boil up water needs to evaporate so you can add more  water and cook till the meat is juicy fall-off-the-bone tender. It is sick and wrong to not add water to pork bones when cooking. SICK AND WRONG.
You've been educated.

We hadn't had school for weeks. Monday was a catch up day.

Sight words again.

Down to Nan's for Music time where she was told to be quiet and put the ukulele away properly. It's OK .. she told her Nan where to go. Naughty.


EJ's book to send back to her teachers at Te Aho o te Kura Pounamu.
Done my oral assessment for Te Reo today. I cringe thinking about it.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tay Ray-O

Week 7 in Poupou Huia Te Reo and we have an oral assessment. I'm embarrassed about it because I've had to ask legit Maori's how to pronounce some words. I even asked my ginger friend if she knew and ... she knew.

While recording myself tonight, practice, Hubba began to cry.

I don't like it when you speak Chinese. You need to just speak people!

That is the funniest crap ever and I had to share. Your life is complete.
Tena Koe.

Even Edward Cullen can pukana.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thinking geek.

Scrolling through Think Geek tonight I remembered that I asked Larry once what proof he'd need if I were to build a time machine and go back to when he was a 25 year old. I asked him if telling him about his life up until that point would be enough. He said no because he'd just think I was a stalker. Then I asked him what if I told him his future and he told me that that wouldn't be fair to him because then he'd know what and who to avoid and would miss meeting some great people in his life.

I asked him if there was any prominent moment in his life that, when hearing it from future me, he'd believe my claim. He said no, he'd just think I was loco.

What would make you believe I was from the future then?
A 64-core processor computer with at least a 500-petabyte hard drive and 9 terabytes of RAM.
I wouldn't go back to the past for that kind of dork.
Yes you would because you just built a time machine, dorkette.

I miss that dork.
Want one, would prefer a real Tardis, but a SuperMom mug is just as fab.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Grumble Family

There is a family nobody likes to meet,
They live, it is said, on Complaining Street.
In the city of Never-Are Satisfied,
The River of Discontent beside.
They growl at that, and they growl at this;
Whatever comes there is something amiss;
And whether their station be high or humble,
They are known by the name of Grumble.

The weather is always too hot or too cold,
Summer and winter alike they scold;
Nothing goes right with the folks you meet
Down on that gloomy Complaining Street.
They growl at the rain, and they growl at the sun;
In fact, their growling is never done.
And if everything pleased them, there isn’t a doubt
They’d growl that they’d nothing to grumble about!

And the worst thing is that if anyone stays
Among them too long he will learn their ways,
And before he dreams of the terrible jumble
He’s adopted into the family of Grumble.
So it were wisest to keep our feet
From wandering into Grumbling Street.
And never to growl whatever we do,
Lest we be mistaken for Grumblers too.

When you think your brother or cousin are complete imbeciles, just remember ... we picked each other in the Pre-Existence.

You wanted crazy. You got crazy.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tragic Thursday.

This shot.

Coloring Ariel's pictures before dinner.

Feijoa's & Cream.
Great end to the day.

Makariri tonight Internets.You know it's cold when the winery windmills are on all night and it sounds like a helicopter and vibrates the entire house. Lit my first fire yesterday for the cold season and again tonight. Thanks to Papa Greg who likes to give his favorites enough firewood to last a season or two.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...