Monday, March 30, 2015

Up town funk you up.

The last time I walked up Hastings town was when the Farmers furniture shop was still where Deka use to be. So when we went for a stroll through those ways on Saturday I had the intention of going to find myself a new couch, but the shop wasn't there and apparently it hasn't been there for the last few years.
That's how long it's been since I last rocked through that part of town.
1. Because I hate it and
2. Because I don't want to.

Can't throw a bottle of shampoo in there anymore Nina.
CCTV is everywhere!

Hastings doesn't need a face lift, it just needs some serious activity.
Still need to find a new couch.


Melissa said...

Ghost town man.

Me said...

I love the sheep statues. In Portland there are random statues of deer that I've seen a million times, but if I'm going past them at night or something I'm still like, "Whoa, is that a deer??"

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