Monday, March 30, 2015


Much to my sisters dismay (Stop posting about Tyler! She sucks! No one cares! - Furns), here's a Tyler update.

My favorite place in the world. THE WORLD.

Don't know who this is, but it's one of those faux Hollywood Blvd pictures that trap first timers into a purchase.

I hope you tipped Spiderman Tyler. He may very well be a commoner that dresses in a Spiderman suit and seeks his own justice, but even a super hero deserves a tip (and it's The Blvd, you're supposed to). I tipped Hagrid once just so he'd stop following me with his toy snakes.
The real Hagrid never had snakes.

9 weeks.

1 comment:

Me said...

Did the Chinese Theater shut down or does Hollywood just look super ghetto these days?

Do you remember that silver painted dude who scared the shiz out of my brother when we went to Hollywood one time? That was freaking hilarious :)

Did Tyler manage to find every offensive Native American charicature on her road trip? JK there are so many offensive portrayls of Native people in the US she couldn't have possibly found them all. 'Merica!!

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