Friday, March 20, 2015


The Taiwhenua gala was claustrophobic hell. I only went because Papa Greg was smoking some mussels. I got the testers during the week and they were delish. Got there and there was a line for them at his stall.

Left with the infamous cupcakes.
I heard the name was 'Jarom's Moist Cakes'.

Salted caramel = the dessert equivalent to the smoked mussels.

'Cleeshay's firm toffee apples'.

Mussel fritters.

Taina in the back.

Lasted 30 minutes.
Spent more time in line at KFC than we did at the gala.
Janice's new ride.
The Winger.
Tried to persuade her to drive to Auckland and surprise sister, but it's a busy weekend in the Stake.

Goodnight PA.

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Melissa said...

I miss things like this.

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