Saturday, March 21, 2015


Enchilada's for breakfast.

These guys.

Had to take a photo of the tarp and duct tape back window.

Went overboard at the perfume shop this week. If it makes a difference and you judge me less, I know these brand sales are on near expiration perfumes and they're marked down because of it. Still cost too much, but sometimes you deserve to overspend even if it means you have to go grocery shopping at your Parentals house this week.

Sometimes I buy McCoys real dark grape juice, pour it into my crystal wine goblet and pretend I'm a Sommerlier.

Church tomorrow. Found out today I'm manning the sharing time ship alone. This is OK .. we played a memory game last week with the 14 Latter-Day Prophets that the kids got a kick out of and also, I have candy.

Tyler and crew are road tripping from Toronto to Los Angeles. Last message I received had her in Nashville. They're letting her drive part of the journey. She's a suspect driver in her own country, you're crazy if you let her drive on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road.

The End.

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Me said...

Be careful in the south, driving while brown. :/ I would say they're going through the most racist bits of the country, but anymore, its hard to nail down just one area as 'the most racist".

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