Tuesday, March 24, 2015


When there is a tangi, you do what you can.

My Mum has been on us for most of the year to get into floristry. She's convinced the money is there and she's probably right. Earlier in the month our ward got the floral assignment from the Stake for conference and she had a limited budget. Most of the big florists in the area laughed at her when she told them what she needed and how much she had, but one was kind enough to tell her where she needed to go to get what she wanted for her spending limit and right after conference, I put them all on Jazminn's grave.

Total waste of pesos.

There is more foliage than flowers at the moment and my Mum wanted to send some flowers down for Jessie so we were on a creative mission to seek out flowers that didn't look dead with foliage to match in her garden and Ma's garden.

We worked something out.
Still not going to be a florist, especially when the fee to learn is around 5k.
I can look up that stuff on pinterest for free.

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Melissa said...

Turned out great.

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