Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Empire and Canada

Just spent the last three days watching Empire. Thanks Ngaio, you still suck but the blatant suggestion was a great one!
By far my favorite song from the series.

Postcards from Canada.
Went overboard in an outlet store and she hasn't even hit the USA yet.
Homesick and lovesick in the same emotion.
Still a cabbage, but having the time of her life.
Kinda miss her. Sometimes when Hubba is asleep I go in her bed and lay there.
It's what I'd do every night when she was here anyway.

Don't forget the Nyquil fish!
A part from Gee's Lintus, which is expensive, it's the next best thing to taking away a flu in the winter. I swear by it.


Melissa said...

Looks like tons of fun.

Me said...

she should hold off on her shopping on the east coast mostly because the sales taxes are insane. except new jersey which doesnt have sales taxes. tell her save the shopping for new jersey and oregon. no sales tax!

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