Sunday, March 1, 2015

Canada ... Toronto ... Niagara Falls

Made it to Niagara Falls. Staying in a little cottage.
I do love cottages and that fact is why these images get blog mention .. plus Aunty Ness will appreciate them too. We both have a thing for detailed baches, hotels, motels ... holiday inns.

Performing in Niagara Falls sometime this week. If you are in the area Internets, check them out. If I knew a time or schedule, I would definitely tell you ... alas, I do not and neither does the performer.


Me said...

it's cold as balls/hell/actual mars there right now, but good on her for still enjoying herself and looks like shes got a comfy place to take in the gorgeousness of icy niagra while enjoying a fire and a cuppa :)

tell her to watch out for moose!! :) jk. maybe ;)

Melissa said...

Man that is beautiful.

Me said...

my friend just moved there from portland, and she got there right before the storm hit. her house is literally covered to the roof in snow, and her new job was like "duh, just shovel a tunnel to the surface and then ski to work. nbd." like, you dont even get work off for that.


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