Sunday, March 8, 2015

Birth day.

My Mum told me yesterday I was born at 6.30am. I asked her if I was her favorite .. she said 'yes, but only on the 8th of March'. Good answer, but I know I'm the overall favorite and Hubba the favorite grandchild. I KNOW this!
Planned a day at home alone with a bunch of movies and TV episodes, after church, but a BBQ was planned and that's what we did for my birthday. Tashi outdone herself again and made a cake that was literally devoured in 10 minutes.

It was a good day.
I would have appreciated a heavenly phone call, but its ok. Being with family is the next best thing to that phone call.
I'm 36.
Larry would have been 55.
Hubba's upset it's not her birthday this weekend at all.

1 comment:

Me said...

happy late birthday!! i sent your punny postcard and it should eventually arrive. mahonris little sister has almost the same birthday as you, and she just turned 11. and dialed the sass up off the scale :) hugs!!!

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