Monday, March 23, 2015

Adios mi amiga.

I turn everything off at night. My cellphone goes on mute and my home phone on do not disturb. I shouldn't do this because my phone line is linked in to my grandmothers emergency alert button she wears around her neck, but I do it for peace and quiet in the morning.

After church yesterday I came home and decided that tonight I was going to do things differently. My old neighbor across the street has diminished health and we all know her time is limited. I decided I'd keep my phone lines open because I knew that if anything happened, her daughter would ring me because I'm just across the street.

Woke up happy that no such phone call came, good news.

A message from Tyler this morning on Facebook told me they were in New Mexico (Moriarty) and their van had broken down again. They're on their way to Los Angeles.

Facebook messages alerted me to news that made the rest of the day somber. Jessie passed away this morning in Auckland. People were still wishing her a happy birthday a few days ago in news feeds.

Rang Mitchy to confirm.

I didn't stop to think about my other neighbor across the street because time after time she'd blow all our minds and climb back on top of her illness like Superwoman.

It was hard to be sad when I looked across the street and saw her children playing like they usually do.  It was hard to be sad when she'd told me before that her previous experience with death was wonderful. Who would say no  with a description like that? It's still hard to be sad because the last thing I asked of her, a few weeks ago when I visit taught her in her bedroom, was to please give Larry the biggest hug when she gets there. Although she laughed and told me I was moronic, she said she would. She and her husband prepared their children and themselves for this moment.

The winds haven't changed Cleo's life not one bit. Their eternal progression continues and when this week is over and he unwinds and accepts his new reality, I'll remind him of just that.

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