Monday, March 30, 2015


Much to my sisters dismay (Stop posting about Tyler! She sucks! No one cares! - Furns), here's a Tyler update.

My favorite place in the world. THE WORLD.

Don't know who this is, but it's one of those faux Hollywood Blvd pictures that trap first timers into a purchase.

I hope you tipped Spiderman Tyler. He may very well be a commoner that dresses in a Spiderman suit and seeks his own justice, but even a super hero deserves a tip (and it's The Blvd, you're supposed to). I tipped Hagrid once just so he'd stop following me with his toy snakes.
The real Hagrid never had snakes.

9 weeks.

Up town funk you up.

The last time I walked up Hastings town was when the Farmers furniture shop was still where Deka use to be. So when we went for a stroll through those ways on Saturday I had the intention of going to find myself a new couch, but the shop wasn't there and apparently it hasn't been there for the last few years.
That's how long it's been since I last rocked through that part of town.
1. Because I hate it and
2. Because I don't want to.

Can't throw a bottle of shampoo in there anymore Nina.
CCTV is everywhere!

Hastings doesn't need a face lift, it just needs some serious activity.
Still need to find a new couch.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

PA All Day.

Over the last few days I've been hearing the interpretations of what PA-All Day means. I agree with some and consider others

PA All Day.
The winds may take you so far away, always remember your pride.

Throw back.

Pork chops.

Why is he kissing that baby and not me? I don't like that baby!
It's you.
Oh. I'm so cute!

He was probably explaining the transmission of FM frequency to her.
Like an electric train through a tunnel .. in one ear out the other.
The look on her face says it all ... WTShizzle?

Miss him.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Comprehending Ambivalence.

One example of Christ having mixed emotions in the bible is also the shortest scripture in the entire book. Jesus wept. He wept because Lazarus had died and that was his friend. He wept because Martha and Mary were sad and he loved them so much, he wept with them, but he knew Lazarus would live again and thus, he was happy too.

This week has been like that.

Music heals despite the fact that one of the greatest musicians, Mozart, died when he was 35. Today at the funeral the first musical item, a song I'd heard her sing several times before, had a huge impact on changing my state of mind by unlocking the melancholy I'd felt all week. Her voice perfection. Her form, endearing and the content of the song made some neurochemical changes in me that were almost cathartic.

When I asked Jessie to give Larry a hug when she got there, I also told her I'd switch places with her in a heart beat. If she got to stay here with her husband and children and I got to be there with Larry, I'd trade without question. She chastised me and told me she wouldn't wish her illness on anyone. That last conversation with her had me nauseous since Monday and I stayed away from the tangi because of it. I sat at home and let time tick by slowly and when I woke up this morning and told myself I wasn't going to the funeral either, Mitchy rang.

I don't know if I was happy, sad, jealous or guilty. Maybe all. Larry once told me that emotional experience is transmitted with such intensity and severity that it required, if not all, most of the systems of an organism to process and that if a pure emotional experience is that compelling, mixed emotional experiences were probably delivered at an even higher degree it would most likely feel like nausea.

I learned today that you have to earn your entry into the afterlife, and she earned hers. She put everything in her life back in it's proper order before she finally told herself that she was ready to rest.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Feijoas are in season and my spot put theirs out sometime during the week. I got four bags yesterday to fill my six jars. Apart from the sterilization, it's all very simple. I didn't preserve any for the last two years because I still have bottles from the last time I did do them. These ones should fill the void during off season until next year.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Goodnight music.

Loving Janelle Monae right now yes.


When there is a tangi, you do what you can.

My Mum has been on us for most of the year to get into floristry. She's convinced the money is there and she's probably right. Earlier in the month our ward got the floral assignment from the Stake for conference and she had a limited budget. Most of the big florists in the area laughed at her when she told them what she needed and how much she had, but one was kind enough to tell her where she needed to go to get what she wanted for her spending limit and right after conference, I put them all on Jazminn's grave.

Total waste of pesos.

There is more foliage than flowers at the moment and my Mum wanted to send some flowers down for Jessie so we were on a creative mission to seek out flowers that didn't look dead with foliage to match in her garden and Ma's garden.

We worked something out.
Still not going to be a florist, especially when the fee to learn is around 5k.
I can look up that stuff on pinterest for free.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Adios mi amiga.

I turn everything off at night. My cellphone goes on mute and my home phone on do not disturb. I shouldn't do this because my phone line is linked in to my grandmothers emergency alert button she wears around her neck, but I do it for peace and quiet in the morning.

After church yesterday I came home and decided that tonight I was going to do things differently. My old neighbor across the street has diminished health and we all know her time is limited. I decided I'd keep my phone lines open because I knew that if anything happened, her daughter would ring me because I'm just across the street.

Woke up happy that no such phone call came, good news.

A message from Tyler this morning on Facebook told me they were in New Mexico (Moriarty) and their van had broken down again. They're on their way to Los Angeles.

Facebook messages alerted me to news that made the rest of the day somber. Jessie passed away this morning in Auckland. People were still wishing her a happy birthday a few days ago in news feeds.

Rang Mitchy to confirm.

I didn't stop to think about my other neighbor across the street because time after time she'd blow all our minds and climb back on top of her illness like Superwoman.

It was hard to be sad when I looked across the street and saw her children playing like they usually do.  It was hard to be sad when she'd told me before that her previous experience with death was wonderful. Who would say no  with a description like that? It's still hard to be sad because the last thing I asked of her, a few weeks ago when I visit taught her in her bedroom, was to please give Larry the biggest hug when she gets there. Although she laughed and told me I was moronic, she said she would. She and her husband prepared their children and themselves for this moment.

The winds haven't changed Cleo's life not one bit. Their eternal progression continues and when this week is over and he unwinds and accepts his new reality, I'll remind him of just that.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Enchilada's for breakfast.

These guys.

Had to take a photo of the tarp and duct tape back window.

Went overboard at the perfume shop this week. If it makes a difference and you judge me less, I know these brand sales are on near expiration perfumes and they're marked down because of it. Still cost too much, but sometimes you deserve to overspend even if it means you have to go grocery shopping at your Parentals house this week.

Sometimes I buy McCoys real dark grape juice, pour it into my crystal wine goblet and pretend I'm a Sommerlier.

Church tomorrow. Found out today I'm manning the sharing time ship alone. This is OK .. we played a memory game last week with the 14 Latter-Day Prophets that the kids got a kick out of and also, I have candy.

Tyler and crew are road tripping from Toronto to Los Angeles. Last message I received had her in Nashville. They're letting her drive part of the journey. She's a suspect driver in her own country, you're crazy if you let her drive on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road.

The End.

Paperback writer.

Now available in paperback.

Friday, March 20, 2015


The Taiwhenua gala was claustrophobic hell. I only went because Papa Greg was smoking some mussels. I got the testers during the week and they were delish. Got there and there was a line for them at his stall.

Left with the infamous cupcakes.
I heard the name was 'Jarom's Moist Cakes'.

Salted caramel = the dessert equivalent to the smoked mussels.

'Cleeshay's firm toffee apples'.

Mussel fritters.

Taina in the back.

Lasted 30 minutes.
Spent more time in line at KFC than we did at the gala.
Janice's new ride.
The Winger.
Tried to persuade her to drive to Auckland and surprise sister, but it's a busy weekend in the Stake.

Goodnight PA.

Picture unload

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