Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week Two - Guilty Pleasures

My candle habit is no secret. Love the Yankee Candle brand in the USA and when I saw them at Spotlight before Christmas I sulked when my Mum wouldn't buy me one ($48 rightly so). My ultimate favorite is Merlot by Colonial Candle, which is unavailable in NZ, so I make do with The K-Marts $1 Fig, rhubarb and cotton candles. What I don't mention at all, and my CCNZ room-mates and family can attest to, is my habit for bathroom products and perfumes.

There is something about smelling like a rain forest AND Tahitian coconut that brings me the satisfaction that a Metallica song doesn't. I have drawers and cupboards dedicated to this stuff. Soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, balms, girls stuff and a bunch of random bathroom junk.
I love it all.

Specifically though, the Lux brand shower gel is my luxury when I can afford to use it. Showering in the morning is limited to 5 minutes because a child unattended is a situation waiting to happen. I earn the time for such a luxury every other month when she sleeps in and I wake up first or when someone comes to visit early enough in the morning and can babysit for 10 minutes. I also enjoy Lynx for men. It just smells nicer than Rexona for women. Larry told me once that I shouldn't wear men's scents because it attracts men. Yeah. Tell that one to Simon Cowell, who stood behind me in a Starbucks line at LAX as I rocked Axe and didn't look my way once and not to Patrick Dempsey, who clearly inhaled and asked what I was wearing at the Burbank airport as we awaited to board a plane to Miami wearing Dior.

It's a goal to have enough perfumes to wear a different perfume every day for a month. Sunday is Versace day. Special occasions is Hypnotic Poison day.

Perhaps my pleasure is simply smelling good. I'm remorseful on the amount of this stuff I have.
I suppose that's where the guilt comes in.

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Melissa said...

It all sounds wonderful

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