Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week Three - Nature

My Mum thinks the agapanthus that edge my back fence line are a noxious weed. In order to remove them, you have to dig the entire thing out and it's a feisty job. She thinks I should ask one of my brothers to dig them out, but I like them.

They can also be found outside my bedroom window. When they're flowering, they bring character to my morning view and my laundry experience in the backyard. Apart from the two Old English rose bushes and a canna lily plant they're the only other flowering plant that has kept since 1979.

Played with the AEB feature today and rendered some quick shots off in an HDRi software that's been sitting on my hard drive for 2 years gathering digital dust.
Fused and tonemapped.

It takes looking through the lens to bring more of an appreciation for it even though I see it every day out my bedroom window.

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