Monday, February 16, 2015

The Old Mill - review.

I'd never heard of Corruna Bay in all my 35 21 years of life. I knew the Marine Parade side of Bluff Hill, the McDonalds side of Bluff Hill and the Ahuriri side of Bluff Hill and what I called the expressway side of Bluff Hill now has a name.
That, my compadres, is Corruna Bay.

Hidden behind Turners car auctions, partial way into a steep rise up Main Rd, enclosed in an easily forgotten yellow abode, sits The Old Mill. You can't miss it from the narrow upward road, but you will judge a book by it's cover and drive by without a second glance.

Word of mouth told me to expect beauty, but I did not expect to be completely captivated by the rustic sanctuary so much so, that I don't even know where to begin.

How a place can be primitive yet elegant was the boggling part. Buildings from 1902 retain their age with contemporary embellishes. Picturesque gardens that were, in parts, over grown with grass and weeds, only added to it's natural allure with an air of tranquility.

We met Darryl, the events planner and host. He was accommodating and so kind and gave us a quick tour of the place that left me in awe. He was gracious and did an amazing job coordinating everything.

The food was great, especially (maybe even better than the main) the horderves, which consisted of a cheeseboard with naked bruschetta, mint & cream cheese on pita chips with broad beans and a variety of hot assortments. A-plus for my semi-bon vivant self.

Sailed through the wedding ceremony with no problems, followed by such an Arcadian reception that it felt like home. Wild game lined the cold brick walls of the reception dungeon, but the atmosphere was warm and top-notch-copacetic.

The Old Mill.
10 out of 10. 
It's not much and yet, it's everything.

Mitchy and I are trying to come up with an event just so we can go there again .. preferably without kids. I'll be 21 for the 15th time in a few weeks. That's an event!

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