Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl Monday (NZ time).

School has begun for 2015. It's a happy day because of that.
School sent sachets of glue to make up last shipment, but I can't bring myself to make it up. She thinks the glue stick is lip-gloss sometimes. That in itself is enough to keep the sachet out of reach until she knows the difference. I imagine her applying it to her hair or something amazing like that.

Superbowl food this year. The coconut bar is a substitute for a Cadbury Bounty or Almond Joy (without the almond) and the caramel nut one is the low carbers answer to a Snicker bar.

This stuff uses stevia. I do not particular like flavored water, but the product was raved about by the Isa-peeps. Speaking of which, I'm on my last 10 days of Isa. I'm chuffed about it. I feel it physically and I know it's helped medically (thanks blood tests), I do not need to see it on the scale, visually. Last week I did away with the calorie counting and fully low carbed at dinner time. It worked better than the suggested Isa guide.

Sat through 4 - 5 hours of Superbowl and as always happens, the best part was in the last 5 minutes ... which lasted 30 minutes. I only turned my Sky Sports back on before the Nines during the weekend so I didn't follow the play offs at all to know who was even in the finals. I did read about the 5 LDS players in the teams today. It's ok, I saw some missionaries at Gull a few Sundays ago buying candy and toilet paper.

The flavor is in the beef. It's a pity the blog can't make you Internets appreciate that.

Tyler leaves in 18 days and has to learn a long drawn out Maori chant in that time.
Good luck with that one.


Me said...

where in this fair country is tyler headed? and whats hubs working on in the pic?

Melissa said...

The game was interesting. Seahawks totally lost it man. I mean who throws? Run it baby.

CamillaS said...

Ariel: Still no itinerary yet and they leave in a little over 2 weeks!

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