Monday, February 23, 2015

Postcards from Canada.

Because she can't FB message the ENTIRE family, her news becomes blog news.
In Calgary till Saturday.
Went ATV'ing in the snow with Indians.
Went to a Casino.
Living in a hotel.
Rehearsals start tomorrow for the Indispire Awards.
20 show week next week.
Had berries and nutella for breakfast.
Loves Canada.
Wait till she get's to the US of A.

Still a douche.

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Me said...

Theres that huge snow thing going on over by Calgary right now. The Great Lakes are frozen and so is Niagra Falls. Hope she doesn't mind the cold while she's in that part of the countinent.

Was Crowchild where the First People (Canadian Indians) lived? It sounded like a First People name.

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