Friday, February 13, 2015

Not thankful it's Friday.

Dear Crusaders

Dan Carter, perhaps if you got off the field sooner, the outcome may have been better.
Mitchell Drummond, go away and Owen Franks what the hell ...
Dagg, Whitelock & Read, miss you.
McCaw, Happy Valentines day.

Kind Regards,

Tyler & Papa Greg video bombing the Maori News yesterday at the tangi at 1.24. I am glad for the subtitles. My Te Reo is limited. Kia Ora (Hello), Kei te pehea koe (how are you) pakaru (broken) and the maori word for poop that I don't know how to spell.

These giganto jars are $10 from The Warehouse and I love them mucho. It's a huge risk displaying them out in the open in my kitchen because I risk freeloading family members dipping into them, but if they want to steal from Hubba-Roo, then may lightening strike them twice.

Big day tomorrow.
I wish it were Monday.


Melissa said...

I love those jars too.
What's going on Monday?

CamillaS said...

I have a big busy weekend!
So Monday would be great right now :)

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