Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just living my life and telling you about it.

The function of the blog is to stay connected with family and friends. It bridges the gap between cities and continents - maybe even universes. It narrows the distance between me and my international importants. That's why I have a blog. My ambition for it is not egocentric.
It's content is not ammunition for gossip.

With that said, let's move forward with today's blog post.

Spent the sabbath with The Livians who did everything today that wasn't sabbathy and if your house smells like smoke PA, it's because my Mum lit a fire when The Livian parents weren't home. Why people give that woman matches is beyond the bounds of insanity.

Nessa's drink bottle in the fridge labelled "poison". I think I was the only one who asked her if it really was poison. I wouldn't underestimate Nessa. She hates everyone equally.

Rome's dog house for herself.

Pizza's for dinner with The Livians.

Recreated Hell's pandemonium.
Wasn't too bad.

Tyler's in Calgary and mentioned something about crowchild. I thought that might have been an auto correct, but apparently crowchild is something in Canada.
Asked for photos from Canada .. got this.

Clean your room before you go.
Yep. I will.

Make your bed before you go.
Yep. I will.

I get to look at that for four months.
Found Hubba in her room this morning sitting on her bed. She asked when Tyler was coming home and said she's been gone for too long already.
Do not miss her.

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Me said...

Crowchild sounds Canadian. Is it a placename? Someone they're meeting? Also, I love Romes doghouse. It reminds me of Snoopy :)

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