Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Isagenix - Never again.

While I hugely appreciate the sentiment and love those who love me and where it was a success in achieving what Isagenix claims, I'll never ever do it again. The idea, for me, was to use it as a kick starter and I've achieved that.

Isagenix taught me to appreciate good healthy foods.
By limiting or restricting them completely from their eating plan.

Maltodextrin, although a complex carbohydrate, comes from starch and it's just as bad as having sugar and it moves through the system quickly and stores as sugar does. Isagenix is riddled with Maltodextrin. It's in most of what we eat. I'm pointing this out because Isagenix is supposed to be healthy and maltodextrin is the complete opposite of that, as is canola oil - another additive in the Isa products.

There are ingredients and additives that are a cause for concern, which is probably why Isagenix is not FDA approved.

The biggest one for me is the money. Honestly, if you have to keep paying for Isa-products, what aren't you doing right to not have achieved good health? Spending that much money to maintain your starvation is a little extreme.

The "Associates" came out of the shadows about a week ago when I was nearing the end of the program. Blatant hints were dropped to re-order and maintain the good lifestyle. Isagenix is a pyramid scheme and such schemes seem to prevail in the LDS culture.

The positives of Isagenix occurred within. Realizing that in my crazy, and sometimes busy, life  I became the lowest priority and stopped taking care of myself. In 30 days, I've undone that and have probably resigned myself to the fact that I'm supposed to be fat bootylicious voluptuous.

My last shake was had at lunch time. I am officially not Isa-ing now.
Boil up for dinner and I am looking forward to it.
Maintain by eating better.
After 30 days I can confidently say this.
Isagenix only works if you keep paying for it.


Melissa said...

Sums up what I figured.

Me said...

i gave up trying these type of things. all my mormon friends try to sell me various cleanses, diet regimes, workout programs, powders, etc.

its like, why didn't i think of that? lets start a pyramd scheme millie.

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