Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Papa Greg!

The apple cucumbers are ready. In the last two days we've picked eleven and there are still more growing. They taste just like telegraph or short cucumbers. I took a few to Mitchy from our first pick and Jeston, ever the helmet, when seeing them declared his hate for pumpkin.

I read something the other day about having your computer in your lounge where everyone can see what you're doing. It's something that the church has been teaching, especially for families, for a while now. My house is the local hot spot for the family and having the computer in the lounge is an invitation for anyone to turn it on and use it. My Mum keeps telling me to password protect the computer or turn off the "WeeFee", but it's my house and I shouldn't have to do that. In saying that, I have a huge jar of cookies that I put in a cupboard because it's an invitation to feed the nations if it's out on the counter, where it so deserves to be simply because the jar is Briscoes awesome.

Low carb chili for dinner. I tried dark cocoa in it and omitted the beans for mixed vegetables.

"This crap is hot. I burn my tongue off".
Karma when you forget your manners and lick the food like you're a dog.

I can always have good laughs with my Mum, but today was the first time in YEARS, and probably the same for her if not longer, where we laughed so hard it caused breathlessness and tears. By no means can I relive the experiences by blogging, but the conversation consisted of swimming lessons, swimming goggles, a swimmers cap, Papa Greg's expense and an MMS message sent to his work phone with a Michael Phelps reference. My Mum was laughing/screaming so hard I thought she might die if things got any funnier. It was great to see her that entertained today because 98% of the time she's worrying about something.

Happy Birthday Papa Greg!

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