Saturday, February 28, 2015

God bless the USA (and Canada).

Canada. Indspire awards. They were the opening act with Pieter T. Had to look him up on youtube to find out who he was exactly. His songs don't ring a bell at all.

The pukana is a hideous thing that shouldn't be part of the art, especially at an international level. 

It's time.
Eventually, I'm going to visit the US one last time. I abandoned my status, by default, years ago when Larry got too sick for us to fly anywhere. I could contest the abandonment and easily win a case based on his illness and our inability to renew my status and retain my permanent residency, but we fought the Immigration systems of both our countries for 12 years.
Emotionally and mentally, it's easier to abandon it completely than fight it.

PS. Week 9 in Capture real life in 52 weeks was an Acrylic Paint Mini Album challenge, which I will omit simply because it sounds as awesome as crafts night with the Relief Society.


Me said...

They didnt even laminate your card? Typical government.

Any plans on when your visit would be?

Melissa said...

I can understand that. Immigration sucks the life out of you as well as the money.

CamillaS said...

It was laminated yip! The card is in a little pocket. No one needed to see it ;)

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