Saturday, February 28, 2015


Back in to school work. Letters, numbers and writing. Writes the number 3 like it's an m, but is a boss at the number 4 and the letter c. Tried to draw a dog for the letter D and was told my dog looked like an idiot. The elephant for E was worse and she loved it.

She told me today that her hair was her property and she didn't want me to brush it.
I let her off today.
Look out tomorrow child.

In this set of resources was the story of Papatuanuku (mother earth) and Ranginui (the sky). The brief version of the story goes ... they were together because they loved each other and they had a bunch of kids and the kids pushed them apart because they were squished and thus separated them. Now every time it rains it's Ranginui crying for Papatuanuku and every time it's misty, it's Papatuanuku sighing and longing to be reconnected with Ranginui. In the meantime, all their kids - the ones that pushed them apart - became guardians of different things.

War, weather, food, forest, sea and Ruaumoko the guardian of earthquakes, fire and volcanoes, who was carried to the underworld because his brothers couldn't bear to see their parents see each others sorrow and thus, turned their mother upside down so their parents didn't have to look at each other anymore. Taking the baby Ruaumoko with her as she turned the myth goes, each time he moves under his mother, the earth moves. There's another story, one I was familiar with, that Ruaumoko was never born and continues to move in his mothers womb. Great stories, but enunciating those Maori names .. I may as well be a China man.

Round 2.
I will not jinx it with more information than that.

Messages from Canada.
Someone found WalMart and was in retail heaven.

Dress rehearsals. Trying to get information out of her re: her schedule - specifically NM and AZ - is like Sonny Bill Williams loyalty to a code. Impossible. I don't blame her because she doesn't know. I doubt her superiors do either.

Switching internet providers this weekend. It was a bit of a conundrum thinking I'd have no internet for the weekend and would have to rely on my trusty phone and it's data for my fix, but all will be well. I can just go and sit at my brothers house and hog his internet for a few hours since he's been doing it here since 2012.

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Me said...

Is tyler performing at a powwow with the first people (canadian indians)?

i love that hubba told you her hair is her property. that is pretty much my favorite thing ever. she should write me a letter with the letters shes learning.

i like the story of the earth and rain and everything, thats pretty cool. when i was in school as a kid in new mexico we used to learn a lot of the stories from the pueblos, and we would go on field trips there too. if tyler is going to NM i think thats where she might be going. its pretty fantastic down there :)

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