Thursday, February 5, 2015

China and liquid smoke.

Yonks ago during one of the wars, an Uncle bought back two sets of China from, I believe, Singapore. I may get the story wrong, but he gave one to the mother of his wife-to-be or his wife-to-be. The other set he gave to someone he thought of just as highly who he considered a mother, my Great-Grandmother. When she died, the Aunties inherited the China. Growing up, the china sat displayed and stacked in a glass cabinet. The Aunties pulled them out on special occasions. I knew they were special. I just didn't know why until I was an adult.

Minus one plate that was smashed and I think the gravy boat, the set is still intact. I've never appreciated it in all it's glory as an adult. It was always just The China that stayed in the glass cabinet. When we cleaned up the house before we moved in, my Mum wrapped the China up and placed them all, very carefully, into plastic bins that have sat safely at the bottom of my linen cupboard for the past 6 years.

I want to show Hubba and tell her the story of The China so she'll know of it's importance. I don't know about the other set. I'll have to ask the family if they still have theirs.

Found it.
Liquid smoke.
Now I can make my own sugar-free BBQ sauce.

Speaking of boom.
My vacuum went boom the other day when Mitchy was cleaning my house (I don't know why she cleaned my house, I was going to do it before the end of the month).

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