Thursday, February 12, 2015


Aunty Sophie died last week.
Uncle Ngawari died this week.
Tama Huata, founder of Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre - died today.
Always in 3s.

Uncle Ngawari is my grandmothers half-brother. Of my great-grandfathers 18 children, 9 have succumb to cancer.

In other news, I scored myself a few goodies today.
Conversing with Tyler.
Why is the celery red?
... because it's rhubarb..

Shaking my head as you shake yours. I don't make this stuff up. Was not aware it was growing behind my lemon tree. I do not fancy rhubarb because it's sour, which is also why I do not favor berries. Cooked it all up for my Mum, who adds jelly/jello to it to pour over a sponge.

Low carb tortillas, here you come!

Cash Converters aka the local pawn shop, was selling this speedlight for $15. Pretty sure they didn't know what they were doing. It works and apart from it's voltage being a little too high for my cameras, I have a sync safe shoe to fix that, it's the best score of the day.

When you don't like ginger ale for that tummy ache, and Hubba get's them alot. She gags when I try give her ginger ale. Sore tummy saviour.

The Mia Maids gave all the widows Valentines Day gifts .. you know, since we probs won't get one otherwise. Thanks Mia Maids .. I'd much rather you babysit on Saturday because I have a wedding to shoot.

PS. Happy Aniversary to The Livians for the other day. 13 years later and you still dine at Bollywood on date night. The BEST thing that came from 13 years is laying in my bed right now drooling over my sheets.

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