Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wearable Arts

It's pretty amazing what make up artists can do, but photoshop can do better.
My cousin Derek asked me a few weeks ago about photos and because I took his shop hostage for 2 hours while I waited for my car to get a warrant of fitness (his hair salon is next to my auto shop), I had to agree to the shoot.

It was entertaining. As I said, it's amazing what make-up artists can do and I had to bite my tongue when I wanted to ask Ronny, make up artist, how she doesn't blurt out a 'woof' sometimes at some of her clients.

I wish I could use the before and afters, but none of the models agreed to it so I can't.

Friday, January 30, 2015


The last three days I've been helping my Mum at work getting stuff ready for the new school year, which commences on Monday. My Alma Mater has always had a traditional rivalry with the school and I've always heard spooky stuff about the campus from school friends and even my Mum.

She was on campus one day when the boys had a day trip out. She knew she was alone and was pretty surprised to hear someone calling in Maori from the campus church. Apart from bumps in the night in certain dorms, that was the only experience she'd had in the 13 years she's worked there. My Uncle Darrell thought the place was eerie too. When my parents lived on campus, I'd see things in my peripheral vision, but so far out of my view that it was easy to shrug off.

Walking through one of the dorms on Wednesday I got two very distinct taps on the right shoulder. No one there. It happened again shortly after. Yesterday I was walking through the dorm areas and in my right ear a boys voice clearly greets me, "Hello again".

I told my Mum about it and she wasn't surprised. As I was telling Shaily about it we heard doors swing open and shut at the other end of the dorm. Now aware that anything I see in my peripheral vision was probably what I thought it was, I began looking at things sideways and sure enough, something was moving through the dorms that wasn't of this world.

Scared the crap out of Shaily. She told us later that she was scared. I told her it ain't nothing but a thang because between you and the spirit stands Uncle Lazz. The feeling was playful. It certainly explains Hubba running through the dorms giggling. Yesterday I found her sitting on the steps of the dorms trying to share crackers with someone.

Water flow can create energy.
It's been raining since Tuesday.

Then there was dinner tonight.
Whole-wheat Pita Pizzas.

The child ate around the onions and picked off the bacon to eat last.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

US of A.

Tyler is touring North America next month with her school dance group. She'll be gone for four months. Lately I've been toying with the idea to meet her at the end of the journey and see it out with her, but it makes me shiver when I think about it.

I love the USA and I would move back there in a heart beat and live the rest of my life on her shores if I had a certain American with me, otherwise, the mere thought of revisiting the place solo makes me a little ill. My Mum wants me to go back one last time, just to get it out of my system, but I'm not sure I can.

Just last week I started sleeping with the laptop off and no radio going. It took 790 days for me to get to that point of comfortable. I watched Aunty Hop die. It was unpleasant and I told Aunty Marva that I never want to see that ever again. I like to think she took that into consideration when she died. I was due at the hospital that morning, but something told me not to go and I waited a few hours. She passed during that time. When sharing the story with Larry, I think he too took it all into consideration and did the same. It's something I'm pretty appreciative for, but it didn't stop me from getting the spooks in my own home when night falls.

That feeling has passed, but the feeling of going to the USA with 10 years of memories in my back pocket still gives me anxiety. I had the same issue here too. I couldn't go up to Te Mata Peak for about a year because that's where we had our last date.

I liken it to salt on wounds. Too many great memories that are perfect the way they are. It would be eerie for me to go to Fuddruckers without him. I do miss the California sunsets, but I'm glad for 10 years of photos that keep it's beauty fresh.
Ventura, CA.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Isa-Low Carbing.

Still following the Isa cult, but it ends at dinner time. I switch to low-carbing at dinner time.
Tonights dinner was a chicken-bacon-broccoli-cauli-cheese-something.
It was good. So good and not at all heavy like Isa said cream and cheese would be, on the message forums, if you partake during the program.

Mum why am I sick?
Because you don't listen.
Like when?
Like when I told you the other day you couldn't have a swim and you had a swim.
Why did you let me?
Because you cried and I didn't want to listen to you cry. It makes me irate.
But what's irate?
I'm irate because you let me have a swim and now I'm still sick!

It's like arguing with myself.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Words to take your breath away.

Looking for something tonight, I stumbled across a stack of old letters from The Aunties from when I was away at Boarding School. I despised boarding school and I begged to go there. I judged a book by it's cover. Letters I received from them during that time were fill of encouragement and love and those words still offer reassurance today.

Aunty Hop's letters in particular were near poetic. I probably skim read them as a 15 year old at boarding school, but I use to smell them all the time because the paper would smell like home and that's what comforted me then.

The letters no longer smell like home, but their words mean more to me now than the scent I no longer recognize.

Their words remind me every day that I am loved.

And these words.

Last Monday of Jan.

I tend to jinx myself when I tell people of my plans, future, present and anything that falls out of those categories. It gets me every time. My blog would be an entertaining place this year if I shared with you Internets the up and comings, but with the tendency of jinxage lurking, it's going to be a need-to-know or once-completed share.

She wanted to change her name today to Captain Pickles. She did not want to be called Hubba or EJ. Captain Pickles had a great day today and was ready for bed at 6pm. To keep her awake I began family home evening where we read the first few chapters of the New Testament kids book. As it does for me, it only made her more tired and she was close to falling asleep just as Herod ordered the wise men to report back on the location of Christ.

Isa dinner.
Brown rice salmon & avocado sushi via St. Pierre's Sushi. I only got it because I had been stamped ten times on the reward card and my 11th was free, but they make it to order and I had to leave out the much loved Q-Pie and hoisin
485 cals for 6 pieces.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday is the day we get ready for Sunday.

Visiting Teaching. I think I missed maybe 3 months last year. This year I want to hit every month because it's just nice to be visited once a month by people who don't usually visit. My VT'ers were awesome last year and they came every month despite I was in the shower most of the time and they conversed with Hubba through a locked door. They still visited and they are two of the oldest and frailest in the ward. Perfect examples.
Got mine ready for tomorrow.

Dinner sounds alot like last night with a calorie intake to match. I think out of all the Isa meals this week, the filled wrap was my favorite and probably something I'll stick with next week. Week two has been ok. It was much easier than week one, but week one was the adjusting phase. Tomorrow is a cleanse day, which in itself sucks.

Trying to figure out what I'm going to do with myself this year. I want to teach piano, but I do not like kids who don't listen. I have a line of potentials to make it worth it, but this generation of kids drive me up the wall. It's as if God said, "Givest thou this bunch ADHD and blessed be those who shall inherit them" and is sitting back enjoying the show.

Today I was jealous of my parents who were able to go out on a date to the movies.
You appreciate stuff like that when you don't have it.

Friday, January 23, 2015


The last vegetables of our garden are showing signs of life. The apple cucumbers in particular are pumping and we're going to get around 20 of them from 2 plants. Only looks like 1 green capsicum on that plant, but the basil and dill are fab.

Smiggle is selling these rhythmic gymnastic ribbons, which are hot right now. Because Tyler works under the same company, she got them discounted .. so I asked for two. I think they're amazing and spent most of the night trying to figure out how the gymnasts make it look so graceful. I even youtubed it, but I still seem to wind up with knots.

Lamb chops, pumpkin & kumara mash with cauli (my favorite).
Extremely close to the 600 cal max for the day since I had 2 chops, but very much so worth it. I tried to eat around the fat, which is what Isa wants you to do, but I'll be honest with you, some cuts tasted a little more delish than others.

I don't know if they do this in everywhere, but Larry always commented about it when I did it. Everyone does it in my family. You take a piece of everything on the plate and create a mouthful of everything in one bite.
He thought it was weird.
He didn't know what he was missing.

Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti

There's something about Mexican music that hits my core more than a climatic R&B song. Love the instruments that define Mexican music, accordions, brass, guitars .. it's all very passionate, dramatic and it moves me mucho.

Loving this one lately and it's a pretty perfect song really.
Jan 2012.

Day 790.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Isa Dinner Thursday.

Filled wrap.
Whole wheat Tortilla 92 cal

Greek Yogart Ranch Dressing 55 cal

Cos lettuce 4 cal

Cucumber 8 cal
Tomatoes 11 cal

Egg 78 cal

Avocado 161 cal

Ham 102 Cal

Roll that baby and it's pure delish.

511 calories

Worth every calorie.

The energy portion of Isa kicked in today. I mowed my Parentals lawns and my grandmothers (minus the tennis court front and orchard sides). I think it was more boredom than energy because right after I did that, I fell asleep on the couch for an hour.

Primary 2015. I'm working with some good ladies. After our first meeting as the new Presidency tonight, I'm optimistic about this year.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Isa Dinner Wednesday

Thanks Nat's for the recipe. I added a few spices here and there, but for someone who doesn't like kumara or pumpkin, this was delish.
Shepherds/Cottage Pie with Kumara & Pumpkin smash.

Grilled cabbage with sesame oil & garlic powder.

I did not eat the corn because corn consumed without butter is criminal.

Mixed Vegetables 36 cals (2oz)
Premium Mince Beef 134 cal (134g)
Diced canned tomatoes 68 cal (3/4 can)
Cottage Cheese & Chives 24 cal (1/2 pot)
Cabbage w/ Sesame oil & Garlic 70 cals
322 Calories
Corn on the cob 155 cal (per ear)

This one was filling.

Your metabolism can shut down when you reduce your calorie intake. This comes with an array of side effects, like major fatigue. This explains the tiredness, but wait ... Isagenix said their products increase your metabolism. I'm doing everything right and I still just want to sleep all day.
Isa Day 10.
Without Larry Day 788.

My brothers only son.

Jeston is 10 today.
He was a castor oil baby. Mitchy and I were talking about it yesterday, telling him that when he came out it was so fast it bruised his face all up and he looked like he was dead. One Nurse thought he was and called him 'Little Boy Blue' for the time he was in hospital, but alas, he's graced us for 10 years and the only threats of death he's had in those ten years have been from his sister Ness.

With his cuz Eden, who was 10 last month.

Feliz cumplea├▒os muchacho!
You are my favorite today despite you're est├║pido every day.

I can see you gritting your teeth right now Nessa-Nu.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Isa Dinner Tuesday

Salsa Creole on NZ Green Mussels.

10 Mussels 140 cal
Creole 20 cal (1/4 c)
1/2 avocado 161 cal
Lemon Juice 12 cal

333 calories.

Once again, I'll have a banana because according to Isagenix, I'm starving myself eating less than the required amount. On the other hand, the Paleo & Low Carb diet say to eat until you are satisfied not till you're full.

Two for tea and tea for two.

When everyone else goes home, they really do only have each other.
Dinner at Nan & Papas.
Prayers. Always pays to start off dinner reverently.

The rest just falls into place as per usual.

Discussing their day.
"I slept at the beach in the tent with my Dad"
"I wasn't allowed a swim because I'm a lil bit sick"

If I dislike them as partners in crime as youngins, I'll hate them when they're teenagers.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...