Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wisdom in a 4-year-old.

Lately she's been inquiring about life before she graced us. Early in the year I put some photos on the fridge of Larry and I on a cruise a few years ago. She asked where she was and demanded she know the reason she wasn't on the boat with us. I briefed her on the pre-mortal existence and how she was waiting. She responded with something about God taking a long time to send her here. Last night as she looked up at the Christmas tree admiring and declaring her love for it, she asked where I got it.
It was mine and C'Larry's tree in America. I bought it back.
You didn't say me.
You didn't say me and you and C'Larry. Why didn't I live in America?
You weren't here yet. You were still with Heavenly Father. 
I cried for you when I was waiting with Heavenly Father.

Tonight she asked if I cry for C'Larry. When I told her sometimes, but not that much anymore, she told me he watches me when I cry.

I don't know about you, but I think she's amazing.
Unbelievably horrible, but amazing.


Me said...

when i was a nanny in scotland, the little girls had little gems like that. they would tell me mahonri missed me, and remind me to call my mom in america because president barack obama told me to :)

Melissa said...

She's pretty special.

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