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There and back again.

Sisters kids. Still naughty. Still crack me up.

Bebi loves his Lush. I even heard him say "Abba".

Christmas dinner with The StrongArms.

Gingerbread house making. Hated every moment of it. The 5 and 6 year old tried to tell me what to do .. needless to say, it looks like a drunk man put it together because they were frustrating me and I was trying to work fast on it so they could all go to bed.

Playing dress ups with Larelly.

Dessert. Strawberry cheesecake.

Winding down for the night.

Home time.
She was so excited when she recognized home. I wanted to come home lastnight. I missed those Livian kids more than their parents did (and my Mum).

I had been toying with the idea to switch my car out for the ever-trending Swift. Swifts have great gas mileage. The trip up on Mitchy's car was going to be the maker or the breaker as to whether or not I switch it out later next year. I have decided against it. As much as I like the gas mileage, I like the power and roar of my Vecci. Vecci is great long distance because it's a luxury compared to the Swift, but the Swift wins on gas mileage hands down. $120 to fill up twice. My car fills up on $120 once ... apart from that the Swift long distance is a glorified lawn mower.

PS. My brother speeds like an imbecile. We don't take into consideration that for 26 days the man doesn't drive a car where he works, so when he comes home he's like a kid in a candy store on the open roads. Wanted to punch his face several times today, but thought "This Swift is so small, if I lean forward to hit him we might fly off the road".


Melissa said…
Lol the gingerbread houses look great. So does the dinner. Tough decision with the car.

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