Saturday, September 20, 2014

Love is here.

"The most common sensation of being touched by a paranormal entity is the sensation of tingles or goose bumps. One often feels a static charge as they are being touched. Sometimes it is best described as walking into an electrical cobweb".

Now and again I write in a personal journal. I sit in bed and do it. I enter into that journal maybe once or twice a month. I call it "The Book of Woes", because I only seem to write in there when I'm troubled about something.While writing in it last night, I felt a great sense of hopelessness. I detailed the future reader of my concerns, closed the book and lay in the dark facing a photo on the wall of Larry and I. I'd open my eyes to look at the picture, then close them again and as time went on, the gap between opening and closing grew.

A warmer night, Hubba had pushed the blankets down so they sat at her feet and at my hips. I felt the tingling wrap around me first, then rest on my face. I lay there taking in the sensation before I put my hand on my face. Seconds later, the feeling moved across the top of my hand and lingered there and the feeling it left was the feeling I get after every other time I've written in the book of woes.
To be at peace.

"If our eyes could be opened, we could see those who have departed from us .. and sometimes when our physical senses are asleep, sometimes our spiritual self will be very keen and awake, and a departed one may come while we are lying asleep. We'll feel an impression"
Harold B Lee

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Melissa said...

That is beautiful. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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