Saturday, September 13, 2014


Cookies and milo with The Farmers lastnight. The Livians didn't respond to the call and The Parentals weren't interested. Brother 3 has a bad relationship with milo and cookies, specifically Griffins Gingernuts. Just thinking about him dipping them into his milo til they're soggy makes me gag.

Tashi's tomato plants hanging from the peach tree.

Saturday school. We're at s and t in the alphabet. She can't identify them for the life of her, but she can do the 'a for apple, b for boat, c for cat' etc.

Pizza Pie before rugby. Do not get thin crust pizza. It's not worth it. It was like a cracker with burned cheese. This makes it obvious that they don't adjust their ovens when cooking thin crust pizzas. Knew I should've stayed home and made pita pizzas instead.

I have maybe 40 photos of soups I need to add to the blog for that challenge I began at the beginning of winter. I didn't meet the 92 I planned for, but I got close.
This is the topper I think.
Looking for tripe was harder than I thought, and I didn't need that much. One place had pork tripe, but the recipe I had called for beef. I begged the butcher to double clean it and bought it home to cook. Menudo? Not too bad. Hubba thought the tripe was noodles. I have to lie to her when it comes to food otherwise she'll never eat anything.
Sushi salmon = chicken.
Pork bones = chicken.
Bacon = chicken.
Steak = chicken.
Venison = chicken.
Smoked fish = chicken.
It works.

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