Sunday, September 21, 2014

End of another week.

After a week, someone knows how to use a mouse.

There was alot of yelling at eachother, but after the sticker we were back on the same page. She also has a game where she matches the letters on the keyboard to the letters on the screen.
Success with the computer.

Shaily and her friend Destanee .. who don't look anything alike.

The newest Livian. Neo. She and Shaily look alike.

Rome dancing.
Imagine a giraffe with a broken ankle. This is how Rome dances.

"Can I have a race track?"

White bait season.  White bait are galaxiids and are tasty as fritters. I'd been in search for the best sauce to serve with white bait fritters for years and I found it tonight.
Lemon. Just lemon.
Thanks Papa Greg.

And thanks Mitchy for the coconut buns. They were delish.

Then there was church today, which surprisingly, was great. I don't know what was in the air today, but it was a delight to be there. Talked to one of the amazing sisters in the ward and primary ran smoothly. There were lots of kids missing today, but the atmosphere, for me at least, was an ambiance of reverence. This is how it should be every Sunday. Everyone said hello to everyone. Everyone hugged and kissed everyone. Everyone wore a smile today. I was genuinely happy to see people I really don't like seeing .. like Stanley. I still look at him as my brothers dumbass BFF, but today .. he was Bro Smith, 2nd counsellor in the Bishopric.


Me said...

The dog looks adorbs. Does Hubba play with hot wheels type cars, or did she just want the track because it was there?

CamillaS said...

She likes hot wheels.

Melissa said...

Oh man so unfair. Love that food.

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