Monday, September 8, 2014

A spring day.

What are those boxes for?
For the dead.
The walking dead?
The laying down dead.
Why? I don't want you to die.
Everyone's going to die. We'll all own one eventually.
But why?
Because we all die.
Because we're sick?
Everyone has to die. It's the circle of life. Mufasa died and Simba replaced him.
Mufasa didn't have a box.
Mufasa wasn't human.
Can my box be rainbow colored?
I'm hoping by the time you're older, that twinkling of an eye ish is a staple.
Gun staple?
What are they called?
Coughings? *coughs*
Oh. Like dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb we are dumb.
Yes. Just like that. 

Dressed in Anna's coronation dress today.

This fish.

Flaxmere park.

Today was so nice and spring-like, I got 4 loads of laundry done.


Melissa said...

That dress is amazing.

Me said...

Its good you talk to her about dying. Tell her when things die they also help other things live, like they turn into dirt which let's trees grow, or animals die so we can eat and its OK. I used to teach a kid who's grandparents had just died but her parents just did the " they're sleeping forever and can't wake up" thing. Every day at nap time she would start screaming, and they didn't get it.

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