Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11 NZ Time.

Today marked 5 years since she left us.
I miss her lots, 0.99% less than I miss Larry.

The boys boxing group has a Skipathon going on right now in the middle of town. They're skipping till 4pm tomorrow. Good luck with that. We went down after having dinner together at the Parentals to support for an hour. A gold coin to the cause and skip to your hearts delight. With your gold coin you also get a bacon and something sandwich. Motivating bunch of peeps down there.
Heretaunga St. looking East.

Lush getting her skip on.

Egg beater?

Double dutch.

Even the devil skips.

And Aunty Tashi.

Looking East.

And just when you thought swooning was only for boys to do ...

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Melissa said...

That skipping is amazing.

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