Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So shut up.

Let me bring you up to date if you've only started reading in the last few months. I thought I'd try my luck at Nursing school this year and enrolled. I lasted part of the semester before I told myself it wasn't for me. When I came to this decision, the first thing I thought of was the people I was going to disappoint. I got over it, eventually, and I told people on a need to know basis.

I got a disturbing email today from someone who I thought should know better than to assume. "I knew you wouldn't last". Kinda pissed me off and I tried to put it out of my mind by thinking swear words to describe her.

It grated me all day and I wrote up a reply and was ready to send it pending a spell check. That's when spell check told me that I had spelled the F word wrong seventeen times, which led me to think I might need Jesus when responding.

Decided not to dignify her with a response, but instead sent her a link to a song on youtube.

I don't want to relive the worst day of my life over and over again. Isn't that reason enough to withdraw from a lifetime of it?

The trombonist at 3.20 just makes my day.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Someone with an alias on FB has been scanning and cleaning up some old negatives of our Pops, and they're awesome.

I appreciate him for sharing, but it didn't stop my Mum from crapping a brick at the fact that her brother (may he rest in peace) gave Mr. Alias the OG negatives some years ago.
My LOLs for the day.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Theme Song.

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like when you die? If there's music or sound in general, or if it's just a woosh of the wind and you're there. I thought for years that there would at least be a chorus of something playing as I move from this world to that and for years I imagined the song being Kenneth Copes Alleluia. I wanted that song for everyone and even learned it on the piano to play at the funeral of my loved ones. That was back when I thought I would have been a stronger person to be able to do it.

One of my VT sisters lives across the road with her husband and their kids. She has been ill for a while now. We all grew up together. I am closer with her husband than I am with her because we've been neighbors since birth. I am her Visiting Teacher and he is my Home Teacher. I have a lot of admiration for them because I have been where they are now.

She is pretty amazing. I've only come to learn this since I began Visiting Teaching her and when she shared with me her experienced perception of life after death, the only adjective she used was, "Wonderful", but she said it with such compassion and tenacity that I was left a little envious.

There is an energy in our ward that we need to tap to access. I didn't know what it was until I visited my assigned homes yesterday with fudge. It was confirmed when I had dinner with my brothers and their families. It was broadcast to the world back in 1967 by a self proclaimed Atheist.
All you need is Love.

Even though I made it to church late because of daylight savings (spring forward) and the fact that I set my alarm for PM instead of AM, I enjoyed church again this week. I appreciate the people who stay to fulfill their callings making it easier for the primary to flow.

Heads up to the angels who come for me when it's my time to go. If you can add this song to my spirit world playlist, I promise not to krump all the way up Heavens stairs.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dinner with the family.

The Livian is off again tomorrow for a new round of Fifo work. Dinner tonight with the rest of them, minus the Parentals who had a grand-child free evening planned.

BBQ season. Yes.

Veni is best BBQ'd with celery salt and butter.

Los Ninos.

.. and then there's Shaily, who looks like a character from Twilight with her pancake mix make-up.

An experiment.

I'll call it ...

... Red Velvet fudge.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

6am start.

I heard Hubba race down the hall this morning to meet the toilet. She has a fragile digestive system and if she has the wrong food, it's a digestive explosion. It's happened twice this week and it's a combined effort of people giving her bad food and her sneaking bad food from the fridge (like drinking milk straight from the milk bottle). I tried to go back to bed at 6.15, but every 15 minutes I'd hear the call, "I'm finished".

Gave up.

Washed my curtains last night and felt claustrophobic when I had to keep my blinds closed all night. I have a thing for closed curtains during the day. It just irks me and before I go to bed I open everything up so I know it's day time otherwise, I'd never get up.

Then I got all sentimental when I saw the dude taking my wheelie bin away. I cancelled my subscription because if I'm paying a waste levy in my rates AND a trade waste charge, why am I paying $400 a year for a dude to come get it? I got sentimental because it was Aunty Marvas bin originally and even though people typically don't get choked up watching a wheelie bin hauled across the road and driven out of sight, it is what it is. HBDC have a program on waste minimisation. I'm just doing my part. I'll feed Salty-Balls brother 1's pig our food scraps, I'll burn the burnables and take care of the un-burnables. (Neighbors, if you find something in your bin that's not yours, it's not mine either).

Maintenance of road signals Town supply water.  Council mowing, cutting, planting, pruning trees & lawns. Upkeep of the limed roads for winery tours. Gutter cleaning.  Waste Care services.
They're all things that set-off urbanisation of a rural area. Then we'll all be paying town rates. We'll be urban scrawl soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Muy Bien.

Drawing with pastels. She has learned how to write her name. Sometimes mistakes a T for a J, but it's a work in progress. She likes pastels better than crayons. I suppose if they weren't the KMart $3 crayons it would make a difference. It's like drawing with ear wax when you buy cheap crayons.


A day outside. It may have been wrong to teach her how to strike a match and set your back yard bonfire alight, but in the case of an Apocalypse that sends us into survival mode, it will be knowledge well learned.

Letters & numbers chart.

Muy bien.

Trip to the park today.

Spelling her name with blocks. Lucky her name is simple. I think at 15, Shailahzay is still learning how to spell her name.

She's been asking for plants since she saw Ngawi's tomato plants.
The cilantro could use some viagra.

Snow in Spring.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maori Culture

I like the maori culture when it's sweet, graceful and skillful.
Not loud, off pitch and savage-like.

I also remember, as a pre-teen, that women acting savage during a performance was taboo.
I missed the memo when it was, apparently, un-vetoed.
When The Spice Girls did the haka years ago, they were criticized.
When Beyonce did it last year, everyone thought it was amazing.
I didn't. It made me cringe.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

End of another week.

After a week, someone knows how to use a mouse.

There was alot of yelling at eachother, but after the sticker we were back on the same page. She also has a game where she matches the letters on the keyboard to the letters on the screen.
Success with the computer.

Shaily and her friend Destanee .. who don't look anything alike.

The newest Livian. Neo. She and Shaily look alike.

Rome dancing.
Imagine a giraffe with a broken ankle. This is how Rome dances.

"Can I have a race track?"

White bait season.  White bait are galaxiids and are tasty as fritters. I'd been in search for the best sauce to serve with white bait fritters for years and I found it tonight.
Lemon. Just lemon.
Thanks Papa Greg.

And thanks Mitchy for the coconut buns. They were delish.

Then there was church today, which surprisingly, was great. I don't know what was in the air today, but it was a delight to be there. Talked to one of the amazing sisters in the ward and primary ran smoothly. There were lots of kids missing today, but the atmosphere, for me at least, was an ambiance of reverence. This is how it should be every Sunday. Everyone said hello to everyone. Everyone hugged and kissed everyone. Everyone wore a smile today. I was genuinely happy to see people I really don't like seeing .. like Stanley. I still look at him as my brothers dumbass BFF, but today .. he was Bro Smith, 2nd counsellor in the Bishopric.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Love is here.

"The most common sensation of being touched by a paranormal entity is the sensation of tingles or goose bumps. One often feels a static charge as they are being touched. Sometimes it is best described as walking into an electrical cobweb".

Now and again I write in a personal journal. I sit in bed and do it. I enter into that journal maybe once or twice a month. I call it "The Book of Woes", because I only seem to write in there when I'm troubled about something.While writing in it last night, I felt a great sense of hopelessness. I detailed the future reader of my concerns, closed the book and lay in the dark facing a photo on the wall of Larry and I. I'd open my eyes to look at the picture, then close them again and as time went on, the gap between opening and closing grew.

A warmer night, Hubba had pushed the blankets down so they sat at her feet and at my hips. I felt the tingling wrap around me first, then rest on my face. I lay there taking in the sensation before I put my hand on my face. Seconds later, the feeling moved across the top of my hand and lingered there and the feeling it left was the feeling I get after every other time I've written in the book of woes.
To be at peace.

"If our eyes could be opened, we could see those who have departed from us .. and sometimes when our physical senses are asleep, sometimes our spiritual self will be very keen and awake, and a departed one may come while we are lying asleep. We'll feel an impression"
Harold B Lee

Thursday, September 18, 2014

And thus, the countdown begins.

See the clock to the right --------------->
So excited.

Sisters visit.

Sister called earlier in the week to tell me she had scored some Grab-A-Seat tickets from AirNZ for $40 so she was making the trip on Thursday (today) and leaving tomorrow. I cleaned my house and everything for this visit. We went to Napier super early. All the way there Hubba was excited that she was going to see Jasiah and Bebby.
Can we go to the airport now? We might miss their plane!

I think they landed. I can hear the plane! (it was the waves crashing).

There's their plane, but why are they leaving? I told you we'd miss them now they're going home!

There's the plane! I can see Jasiahs plane.

I can't wait to see Jasiah and Bebin!!!

Here they come! Here they come!

That's Jasiahs plane. He's on it, but he's not driving it because he's only 4, but he's 5 soon.

They're gonna get off soon. Here they come! Jasiahs getting off first and then Aunty Ness and Bebin.

We wait. I expected to see my little sister getting off the plane.
But my big sister Brother 1 got off instead.
The Livian 50% pulled one over on us in this surprise trip home.

I was promised an Iced Chocolate from Silky Oak.
Mitchy was expecting an iPhone .. instead she got an iPapi.

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