Monday, August 4, 2014

When it rains it pours.

Rain + Kids = Crazy.
With The Arabs in town for a short time, we all migrated to Ma's to make the most of the time we have together. They were at my doorstep first thing this morning to retrieve Hubba, who will be Lockyer #5 for the next few days. They had her the whole day and I missed her mucho!
It rained most of the day, Mother Arab, Mitchy and I went to town for a few hours for down time, came home for lunch and waited around for our other kids to get home from school.
Then it was on.
They go bat-ish-crazy when they're together, but they get worse when it's raining outside and they're confined to the house.

Then we had FHE and Ma talked about their great-grandfather (my grandfather) and herself and how they were both baptised on the same day in the creek down the road. My Pops was, maybe in his 20s and my grandmother was 8. A story I didn't know.
Ma with 11/76 Great-Grandchildren.

Aunty Vi is finally out of hospital after 5 weeks! Hubba was upset in the photo because she got told off for not wanting to be in the photos. My mum in the photo on the piano when she was 8. Rome (red onsie in the front) looks like her.

A memory maker of a night.
Crazy, but worth it.
As always.

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