Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Sick children spread germs.
I am now sick. Last night was a rough one and the only thing I wanted to do today was hit the only pharmacy in town that sells Gees Linctus. That stuff is like NyQuil on roids and worth the $20 a bottle.
School: She finished her Science 1 book last week and started book 2 today. Book 1 covered hot, cold, heavy, light, big, small, land creatures, sea creature, seeds and shapes. Book 2, so far, is body parts and senses.
She likes her music theory book.

We learned about minim's today.

The alphabet. We're up to M.

Found her Dora karaoke and after 8 months, I discovered it needed batteries. I wish I never discovered that. I heard twinkle twinkle little star all evening.

Brother 3 went hunting during the week and bought home venison.
Veni Wellington's were on the menu tonight.

Flip it up when you've sealed it just so all those vege juices run into the meat.

Good good stuff.

Black pepper diane sauce.
Thanks to Brother 1 for my Voss bottle(s). I looked everywhere in NZ and was about to buy one on eBay for $3.69 + $56 shipping from New York.

Shoot on Friday, based on no incoming clients, birthday on Saturday and home free on Sunday.


Melissa said...

What's so great about a voss bottle? That dinner looks amazing.

CamillaS said...

I just wanted one. I'd like a whole fridge full actually because plastic bottles start to smell after a while and BPA free bottles grow mold in the lids despite how often you steralize. Then there are those cannisters .. they mold around the bottom where you can't see.

Me said...

Her uncle Larry loved science. What about stars and dinos ( my favorite stuff at her age). She's such a smarty!

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