Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two down, one to go.

May I start with a story?
Once upon a time someone put some apples, oranges, peaches and a nectarine all in the same bowl. Then they added vinegar.
The End.

Next time, we'll get someone (Shaily) to babysit the vinegars because tonights party wasn't a place for them and I'm quite glad the other six vinegars weren't there because it would have been madness.
My only words on tonight are this. I'm glad it's over and thank you to the projector screen that kept me up to date with the All Blacks game, albeit, on mute.

All Blacks retained the Bledisloe cup in a 51-20 killer.

Dear future 21 year old Hubba,
You will be having your 21st birthday at McDonalds. Just you and I. And if McDonalds is floating in space because that's how advanced we get as humans, then we'll take my Tardis.
Love Mummy Mella.

One thing I did learn tonight, after 21 years of knowing Tyler, is that her grand-uncle Stephen, of Stephen Hill Motors, is a bit of a hot tamale.
And, good night.

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