Friday, August 1, 2014

Tuesday to Friday.

I'm a little disgusted in myself for not taking more photos, but for real, the trip was stressful. My Mum got spooked every time she had to walk down the corridors - and there were 10 minutes of corridors that link the old hospital to the new hospital - to a point it made her nauseous and I had to bundle up the child and walk to meet her every time. I didn't mind. I'm only afraid of snakes. My husband is a ghost so I figure if any ones going to come back and bother me I'm sure he'll be front of the line. I tried to tell my Mum this, but she said the feeling she was getting was too horrible for it to be anything nice (my grandmother had the same feeling). I'd text her every night and tell her to watch out for the boogie man by the blue elevators. She threatened to murder me if I didn't meet her.
The Ruahines on the way to Welly.

Hubba-Lush loved her stay there.

I only had my phone for my internet fix and I only tethered to check emails because my data was near maxing out. Weetbix & The Odd Socks.

Honestly it took ten minutes to get anywhere through the halls. I wish I thought to snap more shots to see if anything spooky popped up in photos. I asked our support worker yesterday if he'd heard of anything weird happening in the corridors and he mentioned people having experienced some scary stuff down there, but he himself had not. I think he was telling himself that because he has to walk those halls daily. I told him how my Mum felt at a certain part of the link - which use to contain the mental health units - but he stood firm in saying he had never felt anything.
Some nights I'd sit and expect something to appear, but nada. Larry's Expecto Patronum'ing them for me. I'm sure of it.
The corridors.

Hubba got afraid at the same points my Mum did. She'd turn around and make me hold her hand through that section. All I felt was ice cold ... but that's because the hallways are abandoned and no heating goes into them.

I am going to sleep like a mofo tonight.
Leave me alone until lunch time family!

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Melissa said...

Hubba looks like the american flag.
Nice Harry Potter reference.

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