Saturday, August 16, 2014


School today because we missed Thursday. Started on the alphabet. Although she knows it from A-Z (with a few extra G's somewhere along the way), she cannot identify the letters if pointed out.

No tracing anymore. Progress! She tried a & b on her own after a line of tracing. She got an elephant stamp for effort.

Comfort food for dinner.

Early birthday present in the mail today from Abuela Doris in New Mexico. Tried to hide it from her, but the bulky package made her curious.
"Thank you times unicorns Abuela Doris"

At the dinner table tonight.
All Blacks gon' lose tonight.
Take that back or you're sleeping outside with the zombies!
They gon' lose. 'Stralia gon beat them.
I don't even know where that comment came from. She knows how I feel about rugby and The All Blacks and to belch that out at the table (or anywhere) is straight up blasphemy.

Smart ass.

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