Saturday, August 9, 2014

Disney Disco.

I went to my brothers for I can't remember what yesterday. He asked if they (him and Tashi) could take Hubba to the school disco that night. It was Disney themed and you had to dress up as a Disney character. She was in between yes and no, but we went to see Mummy Mitchy and she changed her mind when she saw Rome dressed up like Elsa.

We dropped them off to Uncle Jeston at 5.20pm and finding ourselves without children for 2 hours, we went on a childless shopping excursion. We used up all our spare time and headed back near 7.30pm to retrieve Elsa and the Gumboot Princess.

Mitchy went into the dancing arena to get them while I waited outside in my car. Rain and cold forbid me from leaving it. She wasn't in there 2 minutes and I see the gumboot princess running out into the dark rain. I don't know how she knew where she was going, I quickly flicked my car light on and she hopped right in the back seat.
Mum! Why did you let me come to the disco?
You wanted to.
I didn't! I cried for you! You were gone too long!
Did you have fun?
No. I didn't want to come to the disco.
Did you dance?
Yes, with Aunty Tashi and Rome.
So you had fun.
Don't let me come to discos anymore! I just wanted to come with you. I cried for you!
You already said that.
You need remembering!

Waimea won the best dressed prize. He was The Mad Hatter.

The children of Bridge Pa School. (You know how I feel about these kinds of photos Michelle).

Bebin was a pirate .. because all pirates wear Kathmandu jackets, jeans and their sisters shoes.


Melissa said...

I loved this post. How come you don't like group shots? I think everyone looked awesome. So hubby can't be without you for too long period ? Or was it the disco she was afraid of?

Melissa said...

Hahahaha not hubby hubba

CamillaS said...

I've got this thing about kids who make me grit my teeth and seeing them in photos :) It doesn't stop anyone from sending them, tagging me in them etc. A minor thing :) I think it was the unfamiliar surroundings that got Hubba on edge.

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