Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dinner with Harriett & Sam.

S: I'm going to have another burrito I think.
H: Help yourself.
S: I'd like you to make me another burrito.
H: Get up and make it yourself.
S: I've been home for 48 hours and you won't make me a burrito?
C: Make the man a burrito Harriett. I'd do anything right now to make my husband a burrito. MAKE THE MAN A BURRITO. 

They're the proud new owners of my Canon SX150. I can die knowing it's gone to a good home. We hadn't caught up since I rained on their Christmas eve parade by getting sick and ending the party early. I felt like burritos like at Chipotle. Close enough ese.

The jarred guacamole from Countdown resembles baby vomit.

They even bought flan with glazed fruit for dessert. It was delish, but 2 jumbo burritos later, I sent it home with Mitchy and unzipped my pants to release the tension.

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