Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 636

Hubba, did you know that there's a burger at KFC that has coleslaw in it?
Is that all you've been doing?
Thinking about KFC.
No. The ad came on the TV and I felt it my duty to share with you the new burger.
And you're gonna hear me roar-oar-oar-oar-oooaarr. Bye.

She's picked up a new habit during school. If she can't be bothered trying something out, she'll cry. I let her get away with it until I figured out that she figured out she could use that to get out of it. Not gonna fly anymore little girl. She does the same thing when visiting The Livians. If she knows she's done something wrong, she'll cry and retreat to them when she knows she needs to be disciplined. That's only going to get worse for the next 10 days because Livian is home and she's, hands down, his favourite and any of you family who don't agree are in denial.

Tomorrow night is Tylers 21st birthday celebration.
Tomorrow night is the 2nd test in the Bledisloe cup tourny and after that stupid ref apologised earlier during the week, I know the unfair calls from last week have only fueled the All Black rage. I want to see it live and the birthday runs through that time slot.

If there is not a projector screening the game tomorrow night as I was promised, I might cry.
Miss my Love. He was in my dreams last night being his picaro self.

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